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The National Asphalt Pavement Association’s Awards Program recognizes those in our industry who achieve excellence. NAPA awards are meaningful for the winners because they are bestowed by peers, but publicity reaches far beyond the NAPA membership. Winners are highlighted in industry publications throughout the country and recognized for the quality work they are doing.

NAPA's Awards Program presents special opportunities for recognizing and encouraging excellence. The program continues to expand with new categories. Recipients are recognized for their contributions to a job well done.


The Quality in Construction Awards are open to all asphalt producers, paving contractors, and road owners in the United States until the October 16, 2024, deadline. Contractors can apply from October 17 through Oct. 31 with a $50 late fee.

The Operational Excellence Awards — Asphalt Operations Safety Innovation and Community Involvement Awards are open to NAPA members through October 16, 2024.

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Quality in Construction

NAPA’s Quality in Construction Awards recognize high-quality highway asphalt paving projects. Quantifiable data in four categories – gradation, AC content, air voids, and density – is rated by independent engineers. All projects that meet benchmark scores are awarded with a Quality in Construction Award. The top 10 under 50,000-ton projects earn a Larry H. Lemon, and the top-rated airport pavement project earns the Ray Brown Award. After the projects undergo additional testing, the Sheldon G. Hayes Award is selected from over 50,000-tons projects. Quality in Construction Awards are open to NAPA members and potential members so that the very best projects are honored annually and the industry can promote asphalt pavements.

Quality in Construction

Community Involvement Award

NAPA’s Community Involvement Award recognizes companies that make community involvement, outreach, and volunteerism part of their corporate culture. It’s not the size of a fundraiser/community support/education/tour/donation that matters, it’s the act of outreach and shared values that will be remembered.

Community Involvement Award


Environmental Leadership Award

Demonstrate your excellence in environmental leadership with this award. Those who have already been recognized with a Diamond Achievement Sustainable Commendation may apply. Industry peers judege submitted materials and select winners based on the plant's appearance as well as the company's environmental and social stewardship.

Environmental Leadership Award


Asphalt Operations Safety Innovation Award

In an industry that fosters corporate safety culture, it’s not surprising to find NAPA members proactively adopting safety best practices and inventing in devices to protect their workers. Collaboration between owners, management, departments, and vendors makes it possible to identify and solve potential safety hazards before tragedy can strike. The Asphalt Operations Safety Innovation Award salutes companies that go above and beyond safety training and common practices.

Asphalt Operations Safety Innovations Award


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