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NAPA's Diamond Commendation and Awards Program encourage, support, and recognize excellence in the asphalt industry. These programs help asphalt mix producers and paving companies improve operations and safety as well as recognize employees and partners for a quality work. These programs are a solid investment in your company’s future.


Application Deadlines


Diamond Commendations: June 30 - Early-bird deadline. All Diamond applications must be submitted and paid for by Dec. 31, 2023. 

Quality in Construction Awards: Oct. 16, 2023 is the regular price deadline. Applications will be accepted through Oct. 31, 2023 with a $50 late fee.

Operational Excellence Awards: Oct. 16, 2023


Application Rates


Diamond Commendations: $375.00 per plant, facility or paving division through June 30. After that, $425.00 per application

Quality in Contruction Awards: Airports and General Paving - Under 50,000 Tons - $175; Highway Paving - Over 50,000 Tons - $350.00

Operational Excellence Awards: $175


To Apply


  • Choose the program for which you want to apply from the top menu.
    • Awards:
      • Choose the Award for which you want to apply and click on it.
      • Follow the instructions on subsequent pages.
    • Diamond
      • For new applications,
      • For renewal applications, find the commendation and facility/paving division for which you want to apply, and click on Renew.
      • Follow the instructions on subsequent pages.